Dmitry Alexeev

“Maria is extremely gifted pianist. Her interpretations are very sensitive and stylish as well as natural and fresh. She also plays with real bravura and sheer virtuosity. Maria is an artist who has a natural charisma on stage”.

Jean Denis Michat

Maria performed Poulenc’s Aubade with all the emotional power that is hers. She is truly inhabited at every performance, and her phenomenal engagement when she plays is matched only by the gentleness and discretion of her person off the stage. She is a model of humility and strength at same time. We can only love her.

Prof. Gordon Fergus Thompson

“There was very impressive piano playing on display here. Maria has admirable qualities in her piano playing, which showing musical intelligence and sensitiveness, authority and beautiful sonority. All these qualities are on an extremely high technical level…”

Pierre Reach

“Stunning pianist. Talent!”

Deniz Gelenbe

“…She has the capacity to become a great pianist of the future.”

Raphael Terroni

“That was a superb and assured performance throughout. The Ligeti “L’Escalier du Diable” was stunning in its clarity and precision. The Left Hand Prelude and Nocturne by Scriabin showed so many colours, seamless quality, lovely tone and sonority.The whole recital was played wonderfully with authority, depth of musicianship and impressive communicative flair.”

Pascal Nemirovski

“This was an extremely enjoyable performance of Tchaikovsky Piano concerto No.1. I liked her very “aristocratic” way of playing. Maria is a very talented musician. Congratulations!”

Jehangir Batilava and Binaifer Malegam, Poona Music Society

“Our impressions: It was such a treat to have such a varied programme and such high level of performance.
As you must have realized from the audience reaction, everyone truly loved the concert.
The masterclass was really so well conducted..you conveyed what was necessary and helpful and the pianists hopefully benefitted from it.
And the interaction with the children.. their reaction was priceless. Really a big thank you for spending time with them..surely their lives are enriched by this experience.”

Mehli Mehta, Music Foundation, Ms. Mehroo Jeejeebhoy

“It was such a pleasure to meet you and all the musicians with you when you were in Mumbai. There was a very good audience response to your performance, and personally I enjoyed everyone’s playing individually and collectively. You are all such wonderful artists and thank you so much for doing the master classes at our Foundation.”

Urmila Devi, International Music and Arts Society, Bangalore, India

“Impressions of the concert
The Russian musicians from the group Music for Peace gave a very successful concert for us in Bangalore on the 27th March. From their opening piece The
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba by Handel, for which all the 4 musicians were on stage, they captivated the audience with the verve and elan
with which they played. In succeeding solos the impression grew that they were individually also musicians of a very high calibre and that we were indeed
being treated to a very special evening of music . Of special interest was their rendering of their own great composers Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff whose
beautiful Elegiac trio No.1 was greatly appreciated. Their performance only reinforced what we have always been told,that Russian trained musicians are among the best!”